Recognition for exceptional work in typography can take different forms and we are always exploring ways to support and advance design education. Here are a few we have in development.

Special Competitions

Every so often, we will open a call for entries for brilliant solutions to specific typographic challenges. For some ideas, we encourage you to check out the projects from the International Workshop site.
spoiler alert: the first challenges will be from the 3 assignments. deadlines posted soon, so get started.

Merit Awards

Distinguished typography students can be nominated by their professors to be considered for the Merit Award. Candidates must present a semester’s work of typographic excellence. Winners and their select projects will be highlighted in our online showcase.

Book Awards

Want to win a free, signed 5th Edition copy of the widely used textbook Designing With Type? All submissions worthy of showcasing on the site will be carefully considered. Three lucky winners will be selected each semester. You can choose to complete one of the projects assigned in the workshop site or on online supplement to the textbook